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Two of our bachelor students will be awarded to the best projects of this year in partnership with local and national partners.

During the graduation assignments the external examiners selected the nominees for the Lucasprijs (‘s Hertogenbosch) and the St. Joostpenning (Breda). Jury members Dennis Elbers (Graphic Matters/Blind Walls Galery), Lobke Broos (ROOF-A) and René Bosma (St. Joost School of Art & Design) will select the two winners on Monday 27th June.

St. Joostpenning
This prize, provided by the municipality of Breda, will be awarded to the student with the best project in Breda. Nominees are:
Sophie Engels, BA Art & Research
Anouk van Pelt, BA New Design & Attitudes
Eva Bonnevits, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Rosalie van de Biezen, BA Photography, Film & the Digital

Rosalie van de Biezen
Sophie Engels
Anouk van Pelt
Eva Bonnefits

The Lucasprijs awards the student with the best project at the academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, made possible by the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The nominees are:
Laszlo Goudman, BA Art & Research
Dune van Rumpt, BA Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Lotte Meeuse, BA New Design & Attitudes

Laszlo Goudman
Lotte Meeuse
Dune van Rumpt
Dune van Rumpt