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The works of the graduating master students from the Master Institute of Visual Cultures are exhibited at the Now Show 2022.

This year, Now Show includes the work of master graduates that completed one of three pathways from the interdisciplinary Master of Fine Art and Design programme:

  • Ecology Futures
  • Situated Design 
  • Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice

The pathways encourage knowledge generation in relation to current social issues and civic urgencies that are relevant today, where the value of creativity, agency and critical production is understood as key for social change.   

Make sure to visit their exhibition and online via thecurrent.is 

What is thecurrent.is? 

Thecurrent.is provides a digital-first space for exhibition and live events dedicated to the art and design community of practice. It is initiated and developed by the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, St. Joost School of Art & Design, Avans University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. 

About the MIVC 

The MIVC provides a transformative education, empowering students to become the new generation of artists and designers who will contribute in unconventional ways to changing the complex and interconnected world we live in. 

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