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A selection of five graduates from St. Joost School of Art and Design and the Master Institute of Visual Cultures will participate in the Dutch Design Week. From 22nd to 30th October, these works will be shown at the Class of 2022 exhibition at the Klokgebow.

During Now Show in the summer, Angelique Spaninks selected five works of BA and MA graduates that invites us to imagine another kind of future; one that we would like to live in.
At St. Joost School of Art & Design and the Master Institute of Visual Cultures, students are empowered to become the next generation who will contribute to changing the complex and interconnected world that we live in.  


The Exhibition

Mohammad Abou Chair – MA Situated Design Graduate 2022

I’m curious about “the other” as much as I’m curious about myself, I walk around the streets and around my thoughts, trying to find creative ways to help change my surrounding, mixing the fiction with the reality and presenting the in-between. I interview people like me, people who never had the chance to be heard, and recreate a visual narrative that will have an impact on the viewers’ experience. By doing that, I aim to create this ripple of goodness around us, I dive with my viewers on an emotional journey by answering questions of identity and origins and questioning the answers themselves.

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Pauline Berger – MA Visual Arts & Post Contemporary Practice Graduate 2022

Herd/Arting is the stopover in an explorative stray of writings. The motive was to find out, how my practice as a herder in the Swiss Alps is related being a visual artist, too. By unraveling the different threads and tissues, that run through, out of, and into those practices, I am re-relating matters crucial to both: The Body, the non-human, the urban/the rural, art-ing as action, specific ways of seeing, communication of a cow.

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Michaela Davidova – MA Ecology Futures Graduate 2022

I research ecological thinking within the alternative photographic practice and the application of constructed wetlands: a wastewater treatment method within the photographic darkroom. I follow transformative processes of wetland environments and analyse how they inform processes within the photographic darkroom and wet bodies and vice versa. I do not become remediated, or clean; instead, with every wade through shallow waters, I become digested. As wetlands seep through the ecosystems, it is not so clear where my water and your paddle begins and ends. I explore the digestive cycle of wet bodies and seek connection through the substances that flow in and out, bodily and discarded matter, and morphing growing cultures.

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Stijn Terpstra – BA Photography, Film & Digital Graduate 2022

Through The Opera Glass – an homage to the first birdwatchers – examines if we are still connected to nature or if the rise of big data is concluding our intuition and experience-based handling of reality. The bird and their spectators are the allegory of this research into perception and data. In an unstable world, perceiving the reality around us as data leaves no possibility for half-values within the digital language of ones and zeros.

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Loes Coolen – BA Photography, Film & Digital Graduate 2022

In a valley in France lies the village of Chooz, where the local nuclear power plant is responsible for economic activity. France deals with nuclear power in a very different way than the Netherlands. France approaches energy transition using nuclear power; France has 58 nuclear power plants, the Netherlands only 1. The power plant in Chooz connects the people and maintains the village, the inhabitants see it as a source of employment. In addition, the company pays them local taxes in the form of free internet, water, cable television etc. This raises the question: who holds the power?

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You can find the works of the graduates as well as the work from the rest of the 2022 class via nowshow.nl (BA) and thecurrent.is (MA).

Mohammad Abou Chair, The Story of and Olive Tree in a Whirlpool, 2022
Michaela Davidova, Constructed Wetlands & Deconstructed Borders 2022
Pauline Berger, Herd/Arting, 2022
Loes Coolen, A Quiet Life, 2022
Stijn Terpstra, Through the Opera Glass

The Curatorial Statement

We have initiated detrimental and dangerous changes to the delicate balance of earth’s ecology through the capitalist extraction of resources, toxic waste dumping and unmitigated carbon emissions freely flowing into our atmosphere, with catastrophic consequences for all life in our natural world. Our systems of governance and thinking are geared to the short term, with relinquished moral and ethical responsibility for the long-term protection and care of our planet. There is an urgent requisite for changes of governance, economy and education to curb the dangerous threat to our common future, both social and environmental. Our economy, consumption habits, continued colonization, governance and distribution of wealth and the practice of democracy need to transform if we are to honour our responsibility as the care takers of this beautiful world for future generations to come.