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Sophie Engels, who graduated in Art & Research has been declared the winner of the St. Joostpenning 2022. Sophie will receive a cash prize of €2,500 and a bronzen medal. The municipality of Breda makes this prize available every year for the best work of the graduates of St. Joost Breda. Sophie Engels graduated with the project No Mans Land.

The jury praises Sophie for her development from photography into an artist who treads new paths on the border of sculptural work, performance and documentary engagement. The jury: “Sophie’s work has integrity, is idiosyncratic and fits well into the space. The images you see make you curious and the maker invites you to participate and become part of the work yourself. As soon as you take that step and listen attentively, you become a participant in stories with a current theme about image creation and being a woman. Pure and personal experiences that encourage you not to judge, but to look and think differently.”

The jury
This year, the jury of the St. Joostpenning consisted of chairman René Bosma, dean of St. Joost School of Art & Design, and two renowned experts in the field of visual arts and design: Dennis Elbers, director of Graphic Matters/Blind Walls Gallery and Lobke Broos, owner of ROOF-A. The jury found all nominations inspiring and an example of how individual talent can develop at a distinctive level over the years.

Sophie was selected from a total of four nominees, who were nominated by external experts. Besides Sophie, the nominees were: Anouk van Pelt from the study New Design & Attitudes, Rosalie van de Biezen from Photography, Film & the Digital and Eva Bonnevits from the study Illustrated & Animated Storytelling.