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Every year, St. Joost School of Art & Design awards two residency prizes to talented makers who can use a one-month working period to develop new work at two special locations. This year’s AIR De Missie prize goes to Jeffrey Löbbes, a graduate of the Art & Research department in Den Bosch.

Jeffrey Löbbes, a graduate of the Art & Research programme in Den Bosch, may, as the winner of AIR De Missie, work and live in the Mission House of Park Zuiderhout in Teteringen for one month. AIR De Missie gives artists and designers of all disciplines the opportunity to investigate the meaning of religion, meaning or spirituality in our contemporary society, in contact with the residents of Park Zuiderhout. The prize consists of a residency in the month of September, a working budget of €1000 and material costs of €500 and a final presentation at Park Zuiderhout. The art committee selected Jeffrey from the applications. The jury about Simone’s work: “Jeffrey’s portfolio is characterised by interaction. His installations aroused our curiosity and his work appeals to the imagination.

In conversation with him, we noticed a deeper layer in his interests, based on his interest in philosophy. Jeffrey gives people from his environment a prominent place in his creative process, so that a work period in AIR De Missie could fit in seamlessly with him. With his enthusiastic and disarming personality, Jeffrey could make good contact with the residents of Park Zuiderhout.”