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Curious to know more about the number of this Instagram-account: @class_of_524988.07? The Art & Research graduates in Den Bosch are a tight knitted group and have jointly created a curatorial statement for their exhibition. This will get you right in the mood to visit the Now Show 2022, read their statement below.

Curatorial Statement

Class of €524.988,07

This number is the collective student debt of our class, which indicates how we, together, are united both by our comradery and by the financial burden that will significantly affect our lives in the years to come. By bringing this fact to the forefront, we outline an even larger issue: the conflict between the financial valuation the market assigns to artistic education. In contrast, the actual intellectual foundations that, we think, make artistic education valuable for us and society at large.

In the meantime, our graduation show consists of eighteen autonomous graduates with a diversity of presentations and performances. Whilst aware of the colossal systems we are part of, we still attempt to give a meaningful function to our practices that are analytical, playful, conceptual, or simply poetic.

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During the Now Show 2022 this class will organise various performances. The program will be published here.