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The Ecology Futures pathway welcomed its first students in 2020 and is proud to present its first class of graduates this year.  

In a time of ecological catastrophes, artists and designers have a major task to identify, critique and design the narrative around ecological degradation. In Ecology Futures, students explore alternative realities in interdisciplinary art and design practice-led research, interconnected with science, technology and philosophy. 

Ecology Futures tutor Emma van der Leest shares what we can expect from students’ work during the exhibition:   

Student work explores new narratives reclaiming land, rewilding nature and thinking about how wetlands become inspiration for alternative ways of photographic processes. Students have been abroad to do fieldwork and collaborated with a variety of experts to broaden their knowledge working with scientists, experts and NGO’s.  

Our students tapped into societal, political and environmental issues in their search for alternative realities and shaped new relationships with the environment and living creatures. We want to invite you to see how the next generation is reconstructing environments and bring back balance. 

“We are very excited to have our first Ecology Futures cohort graduating! Our students engaged in artistic-scientific research to create critical and relevant works, speculating about new futures, combining new (bio)technologies with ancient crafts and rethinking human and non-human relationships.” – Emma van der Leest, Growing Cultures:BioDesign tutor.  


Visit the MA Exhibition in Den Bosch to see the transformative works of the Ecology Futures graduates – as well as those from Situated Design and Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Cultures. Visit thecurrent.is to know more about the artists.