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Mid February, Chassé Theatre and St. Joost School of Art & Design announced a special collaboration of which one of the first activities was already planned on Wednesday 23 February: the pitches for the Chassé Cultuurfonds Film Incentive 2022.

In the cinema of Chassé Cinema, 18 students of the study Photography, Film & the Digital (St. Joost School of Art & Design) presented the plans for their graduation productions. A professional jury consisting of Vincent Boy Kars, Aramis Garcia Gonzales and Nynke Jurgens were very impressed by the originality of the subjects and the narrative forms: ”we as a jury had to have a tough talk to award the 3 incentives”. They came to the following selection:

My mother; the atomic bomb – Nina Raaijmakers
5000 euro

From the jury report: ”We find it very clever that Nina has worked out all the elements very well: her motivation has a clear urgent hook and the subject is an original story that originates from the motivation but is not a direct copy of it.”

Nina’s reaction: ”It was really fun and educational to pitch your project in this way to professionals in the field. It taught me to make people enthusiastic about what you do as a filmmaker. And it is a great boost to know that people believe in your project as much as you do. It also taught me that taking risks and deviating from the norm pays off and that is something I will definitely take with me in my professional life after the academy. ”

Treurzang – Kamphorst Daan
2500 Euro

From the jury report: ”We are very impressed by how Daan uses his own grief as an imagination and incorporates this into his film. The form choices (man on TV, painting of Sisyphus) of his film are interesting and transcend the subject of mourning”.

Daan responds: ”Winning this incentive is very important to me because I want to give the theme of grief even more attention! The prize has also helped me a lot in realising my dream and I am very grateful to Chassé for that. ”

Hoe zullen wij ons troosten? – Machiel van Hoek
2500 euro

From the jury report: ”We feel that Machiel knows very well why he wants to tell his story and how he wants to tell it, the research lies in what will actually be ‘captured’. It is clever that the narrative form is experimental while Machiel has the research he wants to do very clearly in mind.”

Machiel’s reaction: ”Money is nice! Most of this project is funded out of my own pocket, so it really comes in handy to not have to work for money that much in my graduating year. It gave me a lot more ease of mind going into the project, and it really helps with professionalizing. Maybe it sounds weird, but as a very insecure and self-critical person, winning this incentive gives a lot more confidence than compliments from friends and family.

Chassé Cultuurfonds Film Incentive
In 2022, the Chassé Cultuurfonds hands out three incentives for graduation films of St. Joost students. Two students will receive a contribution of 2500 euro, one graduation production will be awarded 5000 euro. This is part of the cooperation between the Chassé Theatre and St. Joost to promote talent development in the city.

Curious about all the graduation films? On 7 July 2022, all graduation films of St. Joost will premiere at the Chassé Theatre.


Still: My mother: the atomic bomb
Still: Treurzang
Still: Hoe zullen wij ons troosten?
Film students in Chassé Theatre for pitch