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During the Graduation Research Hub 2022 in May, external examiners Lorenzo Gerbi (v2), Gabrielle Kennedy (DAMN Magazine), Niekolaas Lekkerkerk (RADIUS), Irina Shapiro (Open Set Foundation), Nikos Doulos (Expodium), and Bo Wang (Artist & Filmmaker) selected the nominees for the EKP Excellence in Research Award 2022 from the graduating class of the Master of Art in Fine Arts and Design.  

On 30th June, the first day of the Now Show 2022 at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures exhibition, the nominees will present their work to an audience and two jury members. After the jury has discussed, the winner will then be announced and awarded 2500 euros for the best research at master level.

This event is invite only, but please email us if you want to attend. 

Programme / 30 June 2022

Graduation Show 2022 opens to the public 

Alumni and Network Lunch

Welcome by Úna Henry, Head of Education Master Institute of Visual Cultures 

EKP Excellence in Research Award Nominees in conversation with the jury  

EKP Excellence in Research Award winner Announcement  

MIVC Graduation Exhibition Opening Party  

Location: Parallelweg 21, 5223 AL ‘s-Hertogenbosch   


The Nominees  

Pauline Berger – Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice
Herd/Arting is an explorative stray, around finding out, how my practice as herder in the Alps is related to my artistic practices. By unraveling the different threads and tissues, that run through, out of, and into those practices, I am re-relating matters crucial to both: The Body, the non-human, the urban and the rural, art-ing as action and not as noun.  The aim was to define a set of principles that can be woven into a navigated net in the context of ever fluid truths and values, environmental crisis, and multidisciplinary artist hood. 


Elena Lupiou – Situated Design
Sancta Ziana is a fictional short film that questions the fading of the aesthetics, beliefs and biases of the current young generation about the folkloric custom of the Romanian Summer Solstice (Noaptea de Sânziene), where ritualistic practices and a deep connection with nature used to occur. The narrative of the short film is based on dance improvisation as a research method which enables the characters to grow together with the storyline in a non-linear, situated and fluctuant way. 


Michaela Davidova – Ecology Futures
Michaela conducts research on ecological thinking within the alternative photographic practice and the application of constructed wetlands: a wastewater treatment method within the photographic darkroom. She follows transformative processes of wetland environments and analyses how they inform processes within the photographic darkroom and wet bodies and vice versa.  

“I do not become remediated, or clean; instead, with every wade through shallow waters, I become digested.”  As wetlands seep through the ecosystems, it is not so clear where my water and your paddle begins and ends. She explores the digestive cycle of wet bodies and seeks connection through the substances that flow in and out, bodily and discarded matter, and morphing growing cultures. She observes the layers that accumulate and through the process-based practice imagines what lies between them.   


About the EKP Excellence in Research Award 
The EKP Excellence in Research Award is an annual award of €2,500 for the best graduate research at master level, sponsored by SDK Vastgoed (part of VolkerWessels). The award acknowledges students’ creative ability to progress novel ideas into stimulating works and accentuates the transformative potential of artists and designers in the world.  

SDK Vastgoed is the area developer of the EKP site, which currently houses the St. Joost School of Art & Design. In the coming years, the site – the former PostNL Expedition Centre – will be transformed into the lively EKP district with more than 800 new homes, restaurants, workspaces, daily facilities and educational functions, including the art academy. The district will provide spaces for experimentation and give young and creative talent the chance to develop further. For this reason, SDK Vastgoed is already providing a podium, facilitating and supporting various initiatives such as the EKP Excellence in Research Award. The award also contributes to the visibility of art and culture in society and in the living environment. More information about the project can be found on the website ekp-denbosch.nl.  

Elena Lupoiu - Situated Design
Michaela Davidova - Ecology Futures
Pauline Berger - Visual Arts and Post-Contemporary Practice