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A mixture of disciplines within the project create a new narrative, a new perspective on the journey of the Moluccan people in the Netherlands, but maybe more than that: on myself.

This expression of me as partly Moluccan, and an experience for you as an audience, will take you on a journey of the Moluccan people who came to the Netherlands on a, at first, temporary basis.
I wanted to build a bridge between those who experienced and those who want and need to know how we came here.
Therefore I created an experience consisting of a mixture of spoken word performance, video art, objects and audio.

But this project will not only be an eye-opening matter for you, it has brought me a lot of new knowledge as well.
I feel that I have put my transgenerational trauma in a place where I can convert the ‘negative’ into something positive.

With the knowledge of then, new narratives can be built.
Because there is strength in vulnerability.