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’ZO KAN HET DUS OOK’ reduces the negative image of being a foster child by sharing positive moments from the lives of former foster children.

In modern day society , being a foster child mostly means something negative. The truth is that this ins’t always the case. There are many children in foster care here in the Netherlands who experience it as pleasant or as a good thing that’s happend to them.

The campaign; ZO KAN HET DUS OOK (that’s another way to do it), is focusing on the bright side of being a foster child. The campaign encourages young individuals who’ve experienced foster care to speak up about the good sides.

The campaign is open for everyone with experience in foster care, they can join by scanning the QR code on the posters. When they fill in the form that is presented they can answer a few questions which will translate in to a personalized poster. The poster will be downloadable for the creator and will be added to the bigger collection.