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The purpose of my handmade art is to help people feel a bit more happy about their own lives. My art is drawn or made in an almost naive, cute way with which I hope to make people feel young again, to create a spark of hope and happiness.

In a world where everyone tries to appear perfect on social media, it’s easy to feel bad about yourself. I always thought I wasn’t doing enough with my life. That I wasn’t good enough as an artist. But you can’t compare yourself to others; you have to believe in yourself and all the potential that YOU have!

With my handmade, often one-of-a-kind work, I hope to change your mindset a little because you are enough, and you deserve to be loved. Every keychain, mug, tote bag, or any item is unique in its own way, handmade by me with lots of love. I hope my cute handmade work can make you feel happier when you need it because, like the items, you are also just one of a kind.