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There’s a question I ask myself when I’m making a portrait of the body. A question that leads to conversations about thoughts and feelings around nudity. One that brings up a wide and complex variety of feelings like shame, vulnerability, discomfort but also freedom that come with the subject.

In my exhibition, I question the place of nudity within our current society. I photograph and talk about this matter with the subjects of my work. Together we look at the way we deal with our own nudity and that of others.

With this work, I want to showcase the naked body. I critically oppose the censorship of nudity and the prudishness I experience with this subject. Too often, nudity is still idealized and sexualized, which is an effective way to keep the feelings of shame and discomfort. One day, I hope that there’ll be a sort of feeling of “comfort” when it comes to the naked body. That the choice of how someone reacts to nudity is always one that is accepted. The subject of my portraits and how I would like to encourage you to consider your stance in this matter and how you allow your own nudity to be witnessed.