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Discover the power of friendship in this picture book with Augmented Reality.

Pippa is sitting in her basket on the back of her owner’s bike. They are trying to get home in a heavy rainstorm. But then her owner cycles over a high tree root, and Pippa falls out of her basket, leaving her scared and alone.
She ends up in the woods, where she meets different animals that help her make her way back home.
During their journey, the animals have to work together and help each other to overcome obstacles.
You get the chance to be part of the story and help Pippa by scanning the QR codes in the book.

Experience the journey together with Pippa and her friends and discover the power of friendship.

Wie helpt Pippa? (Who helps Pippa?) is an adventurous picture book for children of ages 5 and up.
The book contains hidden animations that can be seen using QR codes and Augmented Reality.