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Feeling unsafe starts small and subtle, if you are feeling unsafe know you are not alone.

‘Where would you draw the line’ is an informative zine about the experiences of a student that felt unsafe at her school.
The zine provides an overview of unsafe situations, information and tools to provide safety in a school. How can we help each other?
This zine follows the story of a student that feels unsafe at her school due to a person that tracks her every move. The fact that the school has limited options to address this makes for a damaging situation. The situation takes over the student’s life and makes things rather difficult, making her feel extremely insecure about her safety. After a while, the student learns that there are options that can help deal with the situation.
Through the advice given in the zine, students learn that there are people within each community who are there to help them deal with challenging situations. They are not alone. Strength is asking for help. But what do we do as a community when someone does this?
What would you do if you noticed someone asking for help? Where would you draw the line?