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Using illustrations of vulnerable body positions and poetic lyrics by Rammstein, Jonneke attempts to take the viewer through the contradiction of self-criticism and vulnerability.

Welche kraft, was für ein schein – The graduation project of Jonneke Louwerens. In these works, she shows the different sides of self-criticism through illustrations of vulnerable body postures and poetic texts by Rammstein.
Through these images, she tries to take the viewer along in her exploration of self-criticism and vulnerability. Hopefully, making the viewer curious about the journey rather than focusing on the judgments.
With her paintings on linen that aim to express vulnerability and an illustrated book, she has undertaken an additional action. All her works have the texts embroidered into them. The embroidery is interesting not only for the ‘front’ of the illustration but also on the back of the work. There you see what ‘self-criticism’ does underneath, that it is not just something you see but that you continue to carry with you. Like a scar that can either heal or continue to cause pain.