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‘Weetbaar’, a book about interesting food facts, for children who are hungry for knowledge.

Has your child ever wondered what the difference is between white and brown eggs? How baby carrots are made? Where do croissants originate from? ‘Weetbaar’ might just be the perfect book for them! The book focusses on a wide variety of interesting food facts you might not have heard about. The interactive elements combine sharing information with keeping learning fun and interesting! Each page contains multiple educative illustrations which, together with text, result in a informative yet fun spread. Each page is carefully made by hand, put together in a neatly hand bound book.
Though this project is focused on the age group 7-10 year olds, I enjoy exploring how the use of illustrations can support educational learning experiences for all ages. In a visually driven society where people often don’t take the time to read, the use of clear visuals has become even more important. I hope to carry on exploring this aspect of illustration ins future projects.