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Nominee Lucasprijs

The world is big, and I dream big. Last night I dreamt of peas.

Sometimes the existence of wind or a single droplet of water baffles me. It gets me thinking of the process of a growing tree, a dog’s bark, gravity, milky ways, and time, and how all these materialise. These thoughts may stem from some micro-macro fetish, but the incomprehensibility of everything feels so alienating at times. And apart from natural phenomena, the long history of the socio-cultural structures we inhabit and consecutively perform are far beyond the understanding of a single human being.
With this constantly in mind I reflect on subjects closer to me. Commenting on the system of student debt and the temporality of the school building, I attempt to portray the elusive coherence of graspable elements and ambiguous power structures. This resulted in an installation and installed works, that are rather poetic than descriptive.