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Let’s go sweet, let’s go Tumcy!

My biggest irritation is the noise of wheels on suitcases as they roll on the ground. The sound makes me feel like going deaf and crazy. When I was a little girl, I really annoyed my parents, I was such a lazy girl which meant they had to carry me everywhere. Now as an adult I see the problem with other families at airports. Parents travelling with children, aged 4-7 must be carried everywhere. Let’s create something to help out parents!
I started to research and design a new trolley hybrid for the laziest kid ever. This prototype is soundless, you can control it by yourself, the suitcase stroller will follow the owner with an app using a Bluetooth connection. My first & favorite candy is the disco TumTum. I ate it on my first trip to America when I was a kid. The TumTum has inspired the design and shape of my hybrid trolley. You may notice elements of a TumTum incorporated into the overall product. The core condition of this project is that the form will soon have a relationship with me as a designer. It must be sweet, cute, and funny.