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Chassé Cultuurfonds Film Incentive

Daan Kamphorst is an inspiring creator who uses what he experiences and feels partly as a starting point for his works. As a director and photographer, Daan intuitively works out his many, idiosyncratic ideas with his visual handwriting, resulting in works of a professional level. He sees the media of film, photography and music as rich tools to bring his fantasies and memories to life. As a maker, Daan focuses on subjective storytelling with dividing lines between (semi) autobiography and fiction. He creates a new world with his own rules. The world we know, filled with fictional elements in which he wants to break the daily pattern of expectations of the spectator, with the hope to see, hear and feel differently. With themes such as mourning, friendship, absurdity etc, Daan's work always manages to evoke recognition in the viewer. With his documentary works, photography and stylized short films, the viewer feels connected to the work of Daan Kamphorst.

Absurdism, horror, drama.
My story is about Huub, a man who lost his beloved wife last year after a long illness. In order to move on with life in a healthy way, Huub has to face his grief head-on. He is a man who shuns social interaction. Since the death of his beloved, his head has been filled with thoughts and emotions unknown to him. It is like poison in his body.

This story is a character study of a man going through grief and will have to find a way through this. A story with longings for the past and a fear of the future. A search through emotions, symbols and metaphors that hold up a mirror to Huub.

Everyone finds their own way of dealing with grief, just like me, just like Huub. He looks for ways to avoid his pain, hoping for reconciliation. But is he looking for the right ways? What is right within a grieving process? Dreaming with a deep longing for something that will never be there again.