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I took the batteries out of my clock

I took the batteries out of my clock.

Standing still to cross the road in front of me,

I look from left to right and left again.

In between, during something else, my eye falls on that one thing.

On the left, I see someone dropping his groceries all over the street. Right, I see a hat flying off of a woman’s head, and when I look to the left again, I wonder why time goes faster than I can stop it.


Thinking what to think about.

Planning not to plan anything.

Making the everyday visible again.

Pointing out what is already there.

While dreaming in glaze.


Over time a routine arises, action no longer requires thinking, and things seem to be normal and become thoughtless.

Pause for a moment, allow for being wondered, and marvel.


I zoom in,

lose the overview

go back to the beginning.


I look around me.

Can I cross already?