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As a designer I like to create awareness, help to make a difference and to get people to take action.

Stress has been around since the prehistoric times. Looks a little different, but the fundamental idea are the same. Everyone experiences stress, it’s natural and important for the human body. Stress helps to stimulate the brain and gets you off your ass to get the job done. But when stress gets out of control, that’s when it becomes a problem, when it starts affecting your mental and physical health.

Creativity can play a very important role in mitigating stress. So with my project, I created a toolkit to help reduce stress through creativity in stressful environments, like the office. We all know the First aid kit, made for emergency care, the second aid is for aftercare, but when do we take care of the mental aid?

Third aid is a campaign stimulating creativity and with the help of my aid kit, stimulates creative moments.