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A visual storyteller experimenting with interaction between the story and the audience, to make an experience that you will never forget.

An interactive online experience in which you, the player, are part of a jury. Together with your fellow jury members you will be evaluating a court case. This case is about the liability between two parties who seem to be accountable for an incident involving an AI-robot that has caused the death of a person.
This experience is developed in assignment of Logic Locks, an experience design studio that runs two escape rooms in Amsterdam. Together with the team I created this court case experience, with different characters, evidence material and a game structure.
The Verdict case 2 is a new story that takes place in a land in the near future. An AI-robotic system has caused the death of a person, who can be held responsible for this incident? Can it really think for itself, have emotions? Or even be sentient in a way?