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A ruthless hunter and taxidermist who collects his trophy will be punished for his bad deeds.

Experimentation leads to new discoveries. Sisters and creative partners Madina and Sabina Mezhidova are constantly looking for ways to challenge themselves within the world of animation.
It takes an incredible amount of patience and hard work to make clay animations. Using their interests they design fictional stories, detailed characters and create unique settings. Their invented stories have hidden messages left for the viewer to discover through the genre of horror. They animate with great enthusiasm and perfectionism.
They are inspired by; Akira Kurosawa, Orson Welles, the incredible Hayao Miyazaki and Alfred Hitchcock whose works are distinguished by psychological depth and suspense combined with ominous atmospheres.

‘The Taxidermist’ is a short clay animation created by Madina and Sabina Mezhidova.
The film is about a taxidermist who hunts his own prey and wants to complete his collection but is then haunted by the spirits of the animals and is punished for his many bad deeds. The law of karma – everything that you give comes back to you in some shape or form.