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Focussing on the untold stories of women from the past to bring to life a side of history that has until now been hidden.

The animated short film The Last Song was born out of a desire to tell the hidden stories of women in history. It tells the musical past of Rosa Spier, a famous Jewish Dutch harpist of the twentieth century and one of the founders of the Rosa Spier House for retired artists. She not only had an extraordinary harp career, but also endured the horrors of World War II. Her story of survival is one of strength, perseverance and determination to never give up.

The creator of this project, Elise Luscombe, loves history and playing the harp. Through this project she could bring these interests together with her passion for animation. The love that Rosa Spier felt for the harp had no limits, and by visualizing her story through photographs of Rosa Spier herself, Elise hopes that future generations will be inspired by the tale of this fascinating person.