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In my work I celebrate how fucked we all are in the most childish way I could imagine, a children’s birthday party.

In my work, I’m always searching for humor in subjects like politics. This isn’t any different in ‘my future = ‘even though this time it involves my own personal situation.
I started 2022, 23 years old with a college dept of €41.000, My boyfriend becoming homeless and us living together in my student room of 17m2 that we have to leave in December.

In ‘My future = ‘, I express my frustrations in words to then share them with others. I’m looking for the irony of my situation, which many others are in today, and organized a protest in the form of a Dutch birthday party. Where I give my poems as birthday treats, express my frustration on colorful garlands, and let my ‘guests’ write down their frustrations on the table cloth.