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Three out of ten people lose one of their parents before reaching the age of twenty- three. With this book, we take a look at what stays behind. We see the stories of the people through the fabrics of the parent they had to say goodbye to.

When I was young, my father always made me lunch for school, like fathers do, right? When I was eleven years old, I lost him. From now on, I had to make lunch myself. It wasn’t about those daily pieces of bread in the morning. It was about the love and care that suddenly disappeared.
It changed the way I looked at life; it made me feel lost in longing.
‘The fabric of lost parenthood’ is an ode to the young people and their parents who are no longer with us, for the children chasing their memories.
What happens to the clothes they left behind, and what are the untold stories?

This time you will see people in the clothes of the parent they had to say goodbye to.
With this book, we want to open the conversation about this unspoken subject. We need to talk about this part of life, death.