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I don't know everything, in fact when it comes down to it I don't know very much at all. I think this is something important to recognize, my job is not here to tell you or explain to you how it all works. My job is here to ask a common question and to show those who come after us that it's okay to not know everything. You are not alone!

A young writer struggles with his masculinity, this manifests itself in an internal struggle with different parts of his personality. I believe that our personal problems are often more universal than we think. As a filmmaker, I therefore work mainly from within myself. What are the things that keep me busy? Writing these thoughts down helps me to put things into perspective, to take my thoughts out of context by putting these issues in the shoes of my characters, and to get an overview of what is going on inside me. By exposing myself in my fiction films, I want to give people the feeling that no problem is unmentionable.