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As an individual, it's almost impossible to tackle something like privacy laws. However, that doesn't stop me from raising awareness on a smaller scale.

We are moving into a time of data craving: the need to collect as much information as possible. This is happening not only in the commercial field, but also at government level. We are dragged into countless algorithms, the right to privacy and the presumption of innocence are disappearing without us even knowing. All of this happening under the pretense of security.

The starting point of this research into complex privacy legislation has taken the form of an interactive experience, in which you step into the role of a data collector.

In this game, you experience what it’s like to watch and judge people, without them judging you. Also letting the player know, this constantly happens. With this, I’m convincing the player to think critical about new policies that are made. Because you may not always have something to hide, but everyone has enough to protect.