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To kindle a fire is a tedious, but the radiating heat of a blazing forge is but an echo of its creative potential.

My practice is a dedication to artisanship and my fascination for armour smithing. I see beauty in the movement of the human body and its inherent complexity. A second skin that accentuates our anatomy enriches this even further.
The craft of smithing offers a new perspective on the human body.
The technical intricacies of a metal protective shell grant us new insights into our own inner workings.
With every strike of my hammer, I shape my understanding.
As the temperature rises, new potential shows itself.
And after every polish, the reflection becomes clearer.
Through these developments, I gain insight into a skill which is almost lost to us and make discoveries about ourselves that otherwise would remain hidden. The desire to preserve and share those insights is what motivates me and drives me to create.