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Jheronimus Atelierprijs 2022 Winner

Let Rucu enrapture your senses and be one with me through the indigenous journey to honour our past, present and future.

¿Quién soy?
Wie ben ik?
Who am I?
Ta ken mi ta?
This is the question I often ask myself.
Creating art alleviates this existential thought by translating my inner state into a physical existence; it is inspired by the human condition, nature, the culture of Aruba and its indigenous roots.
I work with various kinds of mediums like painting, drawing, sculpting, animating, writing, performing and more.
Rucu is a natural material that I utilise in diverse and creative ways. It is a sacred material to my ancestors.
The supposedly extinct indigenous Arawak Caquetio lives on in my blood.
They were one of the first inhabitants of Aruba, before the arrival of Europeans.
My identity relates to my artistry.
My work aims to strengthen myself in this perplexing reality and as a result reconnect with my 2-spirited indigenous self, decolonize, heal and to inspire others to be themselves.