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Rotzooi is a riso-print zine which you can listen to. It is about people who are going through this mess called life.

Rotzooi, translated ‘mess’ in English, something we are all familiar with while growing up. Let’s be honest, when you become 18 and finally are able to drink beer at the bar, you don’t instantly become an adult. Instead, the adventure is just beginning.

Is it bad to stay in bed all day? Not knowing how to deal with all the thoughts in my head? Am I the only one who is still insecure about my body?

Let’s share our struggles, because through the act of sharing our vulnerabilities we can actually help each other out. In ‘Rotzooi’ you can hear about things people are ashamed about, hear some good advice & their life experiences.

Hear? That’s right! For every illustration there is an audio fragment recorded by someone who is also experiencing this ‘Rotzooi’. This makes it feel genuine & personal.