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Submerge yourself in my world of patterns.

While complex, bold or layered patterns can be quite overwhelming, there is a certain serenity to be found within the repetition of patterns. As a designer, I find calmness in drawing patterns. The repetition of lines, shapes and colours allows me to get out of my head and just let things happen on paper. For me, the same serenity can be found in the slow-paced process of printmaking. Carving, inking, pressing and never being 100% sure what the outcome is going be. The little “imperfections” of the technique give the image a certain look and feel you simply cannot recreate digitally.

In this project, I discovered how patterns and printmaking can strengthen each other. It shows the strength and quality of printmaking while inviting you to look for the surprise in the repetition. A certain kind of serenity, even in bold and complex patterns.