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Last night I had a strange dream. We were in a basement that slowly flooded, when we turned around there was a big music festival. The place was too crowded to find the running sink, we all had to swim to listen to the music.

One-third of our lives we spend asleep. Sleep is a restorative process where we rest the mind and recharge the body. While sleeping, we discover new contexts in which we travel, explore and question. Our dreams hold great emotional and creative power but often confuse or leave you with a blurred story of what you have been through.
These experiences, while sleeping, are influenced by the daytime. Scattered information combined with active emotions fill up the nights and create vague storylines. Understanding the many sleep cycles you travel through and the unchronological information that provides you with your dreams – your confusion creates room for exploration.
Through an immersive installation, ‘Revived Experiences in Movement’, examine the context of sleep cycles and dream experiences. Exploring the boundaries of dreams through interaction and creating new perspectives. Tell me, what will you dream of?