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Can we personally, in our hearts, live with the others, experience with others, without repelling them but also without making them equal to us?' Julia Kristeva, Strangers to ourselves (1988)

In my work, I have always been in search of connections. Small similarity that gives people recognition and thereby connects them. In this way, I want to tell stories that are often rooted in subjects that have a social value. The importance of adding something for another person is the common thread in my practice.

I dive deep into the themes I expose in my work. I observe, I do research, and I undergo. In my graduation work, I depict the search for the (mental) stranger in ourselves. Nowadays, we pay a lot of attention to comparing ourselves instead of listening to each other. The people from different age groups which I interviewed for this research told me to feel a misconnection. They felt less attention to each other, which brought the feeling that there been misunderstood. I found recognition in Julia Kristeva’s work, especially her essay strangers to ourselves. Kristeva emphasizes that we will not understand others until we realize that within ourselves, there is also ‘the stranger’.