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O the injuries hardly to be tolerated by men! A woman full of cracks treats manly judgements with a deceitful mind. A man should rather die than suffer such things.

The historical origin story of the Premyslid dynasty is one clouded in myth. The dynasty that ruled over Bohemia for hundreds of years had a colourful beginning, although there is no proof of Přemysl existence, the dynasty is named after him.

Cosmas of Prague, a Christian writer of the eleventh century, wrote an extraordinary tale not about Přemysl but about his wife, duchess Libuše. That’s what makes his recounting of this dynasty’s origin so unique. In a time when men were the heroes of such stories, Přemysl plays instead the supporting role to Libuše, which is not often seen in stories of that time.

When Libuše’s father dies, she takes up the mantle of leadership. But after losing a lawsuit a man proclaims his wish for a duke and the spectators agree. Libuše will have to figure out a way to keep her throne whilst giving her people what they want.