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Getting a new chance in life and leaving the past behind: Over de Drempel [Over the Threshold] follows 3 inmates on their way back to society.

Everyone deserves a second chance after making a mistake, right? Getting back into society isn’t as promising as it should be. When leaving prison, you step into a world full of people with a made-up opinion about you before even knowing you. Besides that, you’re already ten steps behind: Most people are affected mentally and financially by their detention, which makes the road to recovery a lot harder.

In the documentary film Over de Drempel [Over the Threshold], 3 participants of a new reintegration project called Huis van Herstel [Home of Recovery] try to deal with these obstacles. This new concept gives the inmates, with intensive coaching and extra freedoms, the chance to get past the barriers they are facing. We get a close-up image of their process. In an observing way, we see how they slowly get used to the outside world after being in prison for quite a while.