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Oplevering van schaamte” is a VR Installation that makes you aware of your position in social interactions.

Did you ever lay awake at night, overthinking your awkward teenage years, failed handshake, messed up dates with your crush, or other social interactions from the past? We all have felt embarrassed at some time. But what if you could fix those moments? Would you relive them if you could fix the outcome? Maybe your life would be completely different if you did.

‘Oplevering van schaamte’ is a VR experience where you live the last minutes of an old man, Bernard, whose fear of failing at social interactions led to his isolation and ownership of dozens of cats. By realizing he would die alone, he regrets how he has handled the past and yearns for human interaction. No matter how awkward. He makes a deal with his hungry cats, which allows him to relive his past. Can you provide him with the courage he didn’t have at the time?