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The purpose of art is to start a conversation. Illustrator Sterre Pagie discusses complex social issues in her work. She works with themes of identity, activism and history. Sterre works on the basis of her openminded research into people and society.

In this book we will travel together to the wonderful island, Schiermonnikoog. We follow a route shown using a map of the island and stop at various important places. Why stop at these places?
Because that is where the stories took place.

Which stories does the reader get to explore? ‘Oorlog op het Eiland’ shares the stories of Schiermonnikoog during the second world war (WWII). It’s a very different story compared to the rest of the Netherlands and has never been told in this way before.

A German soldier falls in love with an islander. A dove gets a medal of honour. A Jewish girl goes into hiding.
The book is filled with stories about islanders, German soldiers and English pilots.
Hearing the stories from a small community during war time shows us the beauty of human connections that can be made in challenging times. On the island we see friendships, hardships, romance and compassion between enemies.

This is a story from history worth knowing and one that should not be forgotten.