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A spatial papercut illustrator who takes a critical look at our current society.

Onder Onrust’ is a project that takes a critical look at our current society. A society in which stress and burnout have almost become normalized. Everything has to be fast, faster, fastest. This results in you continuously being in an action-reaction state. By structurally making time for small moments of rest during each day, this chain can be broken and your body and mind can have time to relax and recharge.

Because of the paper technique in my spatial papercut illustration, you really take in all the details. A contrast becomes visible between stress and rest moments.
The moments of rest are illuminated within the illustration. Through the use of layering techniques, I want to show that even in times of stress there are moments of rest to be found, if you make the effort.
Which moment of rest would recharge you and how could you practice this more often in your daily life?