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A learning disability is not the list of characteristics you find on the internet, but a personal experience, different for everyone.

NLD (non-verbal learning disability) is a still quite unknown learning disability. The characteristics of this disability are easy to find online, but this barely tells you anything about how this really effects people.
To show more people what NLD is, I visualized different effects it can have, emphasizing personal experiences. Through co-creation I made the experiences of different people visible in a zine. The zine and process are easy to reproduce, so more people can tell their story in this way. In collaboration with the ‘NLD-plan’ more of these stories will be shared.
With NLD information is processed slower. This results in difficulties with creating structure, understanding non-verbal communication and lack of special awareness. In this interactive zine the structure is taken away so you can experience part of the effects. Find the structure in the story and see the different sides of NLD.