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St. Joostpenning 2022 Winner

Do sit with them. Sit with them, like I have sat with them. Lie with them. Not only listen to them, But hear them.

No man’s land

a : an area of unowned, unclaimed, or uninhabited land. b : an unoccupied area between opposing armies. c : an area not suitable or used for occupation or habitation.

No man’s land is an audio-based installation that displays five different sculptures.

The sounds are housed by female legs; their voices, telling their stories.
Seated throughout the exhibition, only to be heard by the ones who come close enough.

I’m taking on the role of a translator of sorts.
A collector of female stories molding them into something tangible.

Unspoken experiences brought to light in a conversation.
One to be had
as parents.
men amongst men.
as people.

[Trigger warning: The recordings include topics that some may find offensive and/or traumatising (i.e. sexual violence). Please reconsider interacting if you are not yet ready to hear this.
Those visiting with young children may want to refrain from interacting with the piece]