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Gritty, stark and mysterious, Neon Nebulae transports you to star system YG-393-X6, home to nine planets, most of them abandoned and dead.

Step into the world of Ovri, a silent warrior sent on a quest by his Gods to traverse the star system and explore nine different planets. On every planet he visits, he must defeat the terrifying corrupted creatures that lurk in their depths and find the nine holy artifacts, all in order to save his own planet from its seemingly imminent demise. However, during this perilous journey, Ovri discovers that things may not be as they seem. The ones whom he always believed to be holy might have a much more sinister past… Was this really the right path?

Neon Nebulae is a game concept, with an art book to showcase the concept and story and an animated trailer to give a livelier impression of the game, it allowed me to combine my love for illustration, animation and worldbuilding, all in one.