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The experience of the Tramsingel comes first in this design. “Back in the days I walked along the water through narrow sandy paths, now there is a floating walking route on the water surrounded by greenery. And all this to be found in the middle of the city.” Evert (56), lives in 2072 on the Tramsingel.

When cycling in Breda, you cannot miss the Tramsingel. The semi-circular street on the edge of the centre is known for the typical Dutch canal buildings by the water and the sound pollution of busy modern-day traffic.

As cities are increasing in size and the populations get even denser – greenery is disappearing more and more. I wonder, ‘What the Tramsingel will look like in 50 years?’

In roughly 140 households of the Tramsingel, the doors and windows now often remain firmly closed to keep the noise out. All of this is despite the fact that the indoor air is up to 5 times unhealthier than the outdoor air.

With ‘Nature’s Neighbour’, I share my vision with the residents of this grey street. It is important that we work on greening the places we already know. Because a greener living environment makes for a healthier living environment.