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This book describes how important it is to discover your own roots and what it is like to be a woman in Poland, fighting for a better future in a climate of uncertain equality.

Your roots shape your existence. I grew up with a Polish mother and a Dutch father. Their different nationalities heavily shaped my upbringing. I have always wondered which parts of my identity are rooted in the Dutch or Polish culture.

By capturing different cultures, I have tried to figure out who I am. Which cultural elements shaped my identity?

The main question in my search for Polish identity is: ‘What makes someone Polish?’ In order to pursue my quest, I travelled to Poland. In Poland, I spoke to several women about what being a Polish woman entails and what pride in your nationality means to them.

Polish society is still struggling with its current inequality situation.

This book is a tribute to the Polish women who keep fighting for their rights for a better future by depicting their inspiring and powerful stories.