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The memes are temporary, the pain behind it isn't.

For most people, memes are simple, harmless jokes. A trend of depression-themed memes changed this, however. Recently the mental health of adolescents has been at an all-time low but remains behind a screen, a closed door. Many adolescents cope with severe mental issues through the internet, but with the rise of algorithms, they can stay in a vicious circle of negative feelings. The visual expression in the form of memes can often be quite extreme and behind the thick layer of irony lays deep pain. The memes are temporary, but that pain behind it isn’t. Depression is not always visible, but the expression through humor ís and can be a cry for help. A cry that should be heard outside of the internet as well. That is why I chose to design a collection of outfits that carry out these cries to the public that’s out of reach for this type of content.