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Chassé Cultuurfonds Film Incentive

The horror is not a filling for the lack of plot or message. Despite their violent nature, my films are not bloody messes of exploitation films; in reality, underneath the horror lie gripping stories with a human character.

When Noa eats a piece of radioactive material as a cry for attention, she learns this has far-reaching consequences. Something is growing inside her whose hunger is unstoppable. ‘My Mother; The Atomic Bomb’ is short body horror, a coming-of-age film with the theme of female body integrity.

As a body horror filmmaker, I am captivated by the human body, our fleshy shell. In today’s society, the mind is often elevated above the body. But I think the mind is nothing more than a man-made construct, a desperate attempt to disguise that we are nothing more than dying, decaying, and finite flesh.

By entangling social issues, such as feminism and female body integrity, into my fictional worlds, I try to put my finger on the painful, sore spots of society. I do this by letting the viewer put themselves in the shoes of raw and resilient female characters. Real horror heroines, full of power and imperfections.