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To me, sellers of street newspapers deserve a lot more respect for their patience.

Street newspaper employees currently walk around in worn-out safety vests while working. It’s not practical for their job and doesn’t look reverent.

You see less and less ‘traditional’ homeless people. Meaning many of today’s homeless people who work for the street newspapers is that they literally have no other choice. The largest percentage of homeless people are migrants for whom visas have been rejected. These people cannot return home, but they have no legal rights here in the Netherlands. And don’t have the same chances that you and I have.

With a lot of patience, these people are selling the newspaper every day. To me, these people deserve a lot more respect for their patience.

For my graduation project, I wanted to design something new for them to wear while working, taking into account the experience and wishes of the actual sellers. Whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with.