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In my opinion, we as designers hold the key to magic. In my designs I try to bring that magic to life as best as I can.

A group of aliens have arrived at the intergalactic space institute here on earth. They’ve asked the institute to help them save the rest of their group, because the planet they were living on “threw them off.” What that means? They can’t really explain.

Mission N317V is a darkride in which guests take on the role of astronauts at the institute and go on a mission through space in order to save one of these friendly aliens. I created the story and concept for this darkride and visualized it in the shape of a pitch book and a model of two of the rooms.

The goal of this darkride is to take guests on an adventure, allow them to forget about the troubles of the real world for a while, and make sure they create memories that they’ll be able to talk about and cherish for a long time.