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We need to talk more about death instead of ignoring the subject. When my parents died unexpectedly, I learned that our society has made death a thing that we don’t talk about. I want to break this taboo with my film.

‘Mijn ouders wonen op Jupiter’ (My parents live on Jupiter) is about Ruben (20) and his younger sister Floor (16). Their life is unexpectedly turned upside down when one day, the police knock on the door to inform them that both their parents have died. From that moment on, they stand with the gigantic task of reinventing and starting life again. Brother and sister each go through their own grieving process, which threatens them to lose sight of each other. Ruben tries to hold on to everything that has been. He tries to find comfort in the character traits of his parents, which he sees in his sister Floor. At the same time, Floor becomes very focused on the future and actually wants to get on with life as quickly as possible. This is expressed in frustrations towards her brother because they both end up in a completely different world of the grieving process.